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GUILD HALL GALLERY - June 23rd to September 8th , 2018

Bill Schuck


In this body of work, my own hand has no direct physical impact on the marks that make my drawings. To create these pieces I've devised a system that incrementally dispenses ink with industrial pumps, electronic timers and switches. These machines release ink, a single drop at a time.


The ink falls and repeatedly hits a single point, with each impact it emanates outward in a splash , scattering a pattern that highlights the undulations and folds of the paper below. In each piece this process continues for many months allowing the patterning to build, to define and highlight the subtleties of the targeted paper form.


My machinery controls the rate and extent of the ink falling and though I establish and monitor the process, my participation is as slight possible. In this work I am as much a steward of this independent process as I am an author.

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