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Let Go, Let God, a pastel by Jackie Merritt

Let Go, Let God  

Jackie Merritt

Pastel on Paper

27 x 35 inches

$2,000 USD - INQUIRE

Hampton, Virginia


As an Artist and Musician/Songwriter, I am by nature a storyteller. It doesn’t matter if my story is told on canvas or in song. Whether it’s intentional or not, ideas overlap and influence each other during the process of creating.


I grew up several doors down from this anointed woman. She was a legendary healer, praise dancer, and bible school teacher. She would set up white chairs and hold bible school on her front lawn. She painted her house white with large red crosses all around the walls. She painted her roof red and would place white crosses and red flowers in her front yard. She was a legend in my neighborhood. Growing up, I would see her at funerals or church gatherings (of folks she may or may not have known). She danced in the balconies like an angle in flowing white robes. What still haunts me to this day is the story of her plucking out her right eye.

From Matthew 5:29 King James Version:

“If thy right eye offend thee, pluck it out, and cast it from thee....” So, she did.


I saw her two years ago, wearing a white dress, sitting in her white chair in front of her white house with red crosses. She was in her 90s then, living at home alone... to my knowledge she still lives there.

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