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We Shall RISE, a painting by Harriet Forman Barrett

We Shall RISE 

Harriet Forman Barrett

Oil on Gallery Wrapped Canvas

24 x 48 inches

$2,000 USD - INQUIRE

New Paltz, New York


No matter what goes on in life, we’re always wrapped in the universe.

This past year has been such a tornado of chaos between the out-of-control pandemic caused by an incompetent, cruel administration. The racism, antisemitism, as well as the lack of care for our endangered environment, all thrown into one pot, to me, are crimes against humanity. WE SHALL RISE.

We need to recognize that we the United States, to this day have not gotten rid of the hate; antisemitism on the rise, the discrimination against black and brown people and now more blatantly out there, the hate crimes against our Asian citizens (because of Trump’s Chyna virus hate-filled statements). At these times, for so many of us it becomes overwhelmingly a drowning experience but we must always remember, WE SHALL RISE. In the painting, the swirling energy of those of us who care, who speak out, will support and lift us all once again.

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