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Among The Hammond’s offerings are programs and events featuring Japanese artists and various aspects of Japanese culture such as the tea ceremony, bonsai, and Japanese arts and crafts workshops, including origami and calligraphy.


  • A highlight of The Hammond season for nearly 50  years is the annual Moonviewing [Otsukimi] Festival which includes a tea ceremony demonstration in the main hall  and a concert in of traditional Japanese music by the pond in the Stroll Garden

  • The Hammond is also the home to a traditional Japanese tea room fabricated in Kyoto and designed by Tea Master Sen So-oku, and  donated to The Hammond by the Yahagi Gallery of Manhattan.

  • Tea events are conducted in the tea room by The Hammond’s tea club, ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Ryu Sui Kai, a group composed of Japanese and American members who meet regularly to  learn more about the Art of Japanese Tea Ceremony.

  • The Ryu Sui Kai was created as a welcoming environment for all schools of the Japanese Tea Ceremony. Recently, they hosted an all day event entitled “The Elements of Tea” which was very successful last fall 2013.

  • The Hammond is also designed  for corporate meetings, wedding and special events. All of our events are impecably  served by our talented and award winning caterer, Leslie Lampert Affairs at the Hammond.


Your sponsorship can foster the growth and development of any number of programs that support the communities covered by the Hammond Museum & Japanese Stroll Garden.

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