Hammond Museum September Virtual Exhibition


Curated by Bibiana Huang Matheis

September 5, 2020 - September 3, 2021

September 2020 virtual exhibition muse by Bibiana Huang Matheis.jpg

September Muse by Bibiana Huang Matheis

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Watch the virtual exhibition opening and artist reception recorded on September 5, 2020

In Other Words by Frank Matheis Vol I, Issue 5

September Musical Accompaniment

Organ & Guitar Fugue

Bibiana Huang Matheis - Organ

John Gibson - Guitar

00:00 / 05:33

September Exhibition Artists

Kenneth Sean Golden

Carol Radsprecher

Karen LaFleur

Nancy Tucker

三木 祥子 Shoko Miki

Jackie Merritt

LaThoriel Badenhausen

Yvette Cohen

Sarah Haviland

Bridget Pavalow

Patricia Stuart

Stacey Schuman

Karen Allen

Linda Stillman

Crystal Marshall

Asra Rán Björt

Hildreth B. Potts

Veronica C Wilkinson

Connie Freid

Nalini Rau

Leslie Pelino

Marlow Shami

Monroe Hodder

Melinda Tepler

Niki Ketchman

Miyuki Kido, 城戸みゆき

Mireya Samper

detail from Prayer by Kenneth Sean Golden
detail from Wavering Lines Self-portrait by Carol Radsprecher
detail of Gum Girl by Carol Radsprecher
detail of Curls into Autumn/Cloud Burst by Karen LaFleur & Nancy Tucker
detail from Symparthy #20-6-1 by 三木祥子 Shoko Miki
detail from Street Singer by Jackie Merritt
close up of County  Fair by LaThoriel Badenhausen
detail of Gems - Long Cloud #6, Polka-dots by Yvette Cohen
link to a film by Frank Matheis of Casey Jones performed by Jackie Merritt & Jerron Paxton
detail of Deep Song by Sarah Haviland
detail of Fire by Bridget Pavalow
detail of Precious by Patricia Stuart
detail of Magpie by Stacey Schuman
detail of Summer’s Details by Karen Allen
Nature Notes: 6 x 6 by Linda Stillman
detail from Cedar Waxwing by Stacey Schuman
detail from Wool III by Crystal Marshall
link to Intertwined Veins by Asra Rán Björt
detail of Kneeling Narrative by Hildreth B. Potts
detail of Sumie Natural by Veronica C Wilkinson
detail of Together by Connie Freid
link to Watch out: the virus is here! By Nalini Rau
detail of “I Can Hear You” Ears by Leslie Pelino
detail of Lillie's Dream by Marlow Shami
detail of March of the Zapotec by Monroe Hodder
detail of Flute Player by Melinda Green Tepler
detail of Stairway to June by Monroe Hodder
detail of Passage by Niki Ketchman
detail of My Surface (Version for “Lines”) by Miyuki Kido, 城戸みゆき
detail of Secret II by Mireya Samper
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