Watch out: the virus is here!

Nalini Rau 

Dance and Poetry

2:03 minutes

Price on request

New York

I watched as the pandemic took over the globe and simultaneously the struggle for equality and dignity too sparked in different parts of the world. I felt that two viruses were endangering us: one attacked the physical body and the other attacked our emotional and mental bodies. Out of a deep concern and anguish for humanity, I wrote this poem and then danced it.



The virus


Have you heard?


Have you heard?


There is a virus.


A virulent one.


Running through the veins of many


The virus is quick, it ransacks the body and the mind


It closes the heart and blinds the vision.



It turns humans into monsters, ready to hurt, ready to kill



The symptoms are many:


Fear is one


Suspicion is another


Reaction is the third.


Contain the virus!.


It’s infectious.


It’s poisonous.


It is deadly.



Clever, it lies dormant, simmering and takes off when one’s guard is down.


It gathers momentum like a tornado, destroying all in its path.


It is the virus of hate.


A fear of the other.


A greed to possess and not share.


A desire to dominate


Division , destruction and sorrow come in its wake.


Has it infected you?


Watch out.


The virus is here.





Nalini Rau


June 2020

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