Curls into Autumn / Cloud Burst

Karen LaFleur - Artist

Nancy Tucker - Musician

Hand Drawn Animation by Karen LaFleur

Original Composition and Performance by Nancy Tucker

1:21 minutes

Animation usage fee available - INQUIRE

Composition, song usage and performance fees available - INQUIRE

Cape Cod, Massachusetts / Goshen, Connecticut


Karen LaFleur is a digital artist, writer and animator. Her artwork explores the interplay between interior and exterior worlds with a focus on adaptability. The animation “Curls Into Autumn” explores the dynamic of seasonal change and the vibrancy of Autumn as it ushers in the approach of Winter.


Musician Nancy Tucker is an accomplished guitarist, composer, lyricist and humorist with a lifelong career of live performance and recording for both children and adults. Her song “Cloudburst” is an original composition and guitar performance created for this animation.

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