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Mitche Kunzman: Purgatory

September 30th - November 12th, 2023

Straight Road a painting by Mitche Kunzman


Straight Road (detail)

oil and wax with vinyl on paper

33 x 65 in

Mitche Kunzman

Hays Gallery

Mitche Kunzman:

Exhibition: September 30-November 12, 2023
Reception: September 30, 2023, 1:00-5:00pm


An exhibition for all those not good enough for heaven—but not bad enough for hell.


Landscape has become my starting point in painting—but it wasn’t always that way for me—there was always abstraction. There are no truly straight lines in nature—they are just a conceptual overlay—abstract borderlines that we place upon nature. The abstract elements in my paintings suggest borders that are linear and measurable—straight lines that intrude on nature.


There is nothing we connect with more universally than the ordinary earth that we stand on—the early is the glue that binds every human. There is nothing more commonplace than landscape and paradoxically nothing more profound.

-Mitche Kunzman


The contemporary artist Mitche Kunzman has been described as a “Romantic Conceptualist” by The New York Times. His refined landscape paintings are filled with beautiful atmospherics that are exceptional. Kunzman brings a notable range of experience in the art world through his years working in the art market and as an appraiser, particularly in the areas of Indian, Himalayan, and Southeast Asian paintings and antiquities, as well as Old Master and Contemporary artworks.

Accompanying Programs
Pripyat by Mitche Kunzman


oil and wax and ink on paper

60 x 62 in.

Mitche Kunzman

Purgatorio by Mitche Kunzman


oil and wax and ink on paper

38 x 38 in.

Mitche Kunzman

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