Hammond Museum October Virtual Exhibition


Curated by Bibiana Huang Matheis

October 3, 2020 - October 1, 2021

October Introductory Video

Natalie Hays Hammond: Renaissance Woman by Lara Netting

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Watch the virtual exhibition opening and artist reception recorded on October 3, 2020

October Muse by Bibiana Huang Matheis,  This Exhibition is dedicated  with love to my mom : Cecilia J Huang

October Muse by Bibiana Huang Matheis

This Exhibition is dedicated

with love to my mom : Cecilia J Huang

In Other Words by Frank Matheis Vol I, Issue 6

October Musical Accompaniment

Original Piano Composition #8

(A Poem from my Father for my Mother) by Bibiana Huang Matheis 

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October Exhibition Artists

Leslie Hardie
Crystal Marshall
L. Brandon Krall
Yvette Cohen
Patricia Stuart
Eleanor Wong
Jennifer H. Pien 
Siena Gillann Porta
Karen Fitzgerald
Lisa Breznak

Mimi Czajka Graminski
Connie Freid
Bärbel Thiel
Karen LaFleur
Nancy Tucker
Erla Thórarinsdottir

Niki Ketchman
Theresa DeSalvio
Rosalind Schneider

Lisa K Rosenstein
Brandur Patursson
Prem Singh
Dustan Osborn
Veronica C Wilkinson
Nalini Rau
Maya Rau-Murthy
Kristjana Samper
Mireya Samper
Asra Ran Bjort
January Yoon Cho
Maya Matheis

#1, Wild and Free, a painting by Leslie Hardie
#2: Baby in Wool - Dulcis Dente III, a photograph by Crystal Marshall
#3: BLACK LEADER, a video by L. Brandon Krall
#4: Ara Pacis Yellow Red Blue Corner-Triptych, a painting by Yvette Cohen
#5: Sugar Cane For Everyone, a painting by Patricia Stuart
#6: Untitled, a painting by Eleanor Wong
#7: JOKO (Charlotte Beck), American Zen Teacher, a painting by Siena Gillann Porta
#8: Let's Become Like Birds, a painting by Karen Fitzgerald
#9: Abundant Harvest, a sculpture by Lisa Breznak
#10: Gypsy, a sculpture by Mimi Czajka Graminski
#11: Happy Baby, a painting by Connie Freid
#12: Mom, a painting by Connie Freid
#13: Fluffed Up / Aufgeplustert, a drawing by Bärbel Thiel
#14: Two_Ravens, a linoleum cut by Bärbel Thiel
#15 - Here Always: Hand Drawn Animation by Karen LaFleur
#16: O+ Holy Water, a painting by Erla Thórarinsdottir
#17: O+ Earth/Mothers Milk, a painting by Erla Thórarinsdottir
#18: Maya and Marge, a photograph by Niki Ketchman
#19: Mother and Child (Birth During a Pandemic), a painting by Theresa DeSalvio
#20: Napping, a painting by Theresa DeSalvio
#21: Stone Forest Transformations, a video by Rosalind Schneider
#22: Enfolding, a sculpture by Lisa K Rosenstein
#23: Wave of Melancholia, a video by Brandur Patursson
#24: Lyrical Voices I, a painting by Prem Singh
#25: Children of the Lemro, a photograph by Dustan Osborn
#26: Fortitude, a photograph by Veronica C. Wilkinson
#27: Mother Daughter Bond in the Dance of Life, a Collaborative Video by Dr. Nalini Rau, Maya Rau Murthy, and Bibiana Huang Matheis
#28: Source ΓÇô Pluvial, an installation by Mireya Samper.jpg
#29: Cranberry Bog, a collage by January Yoon Cho
#30: Conception, objets d'art by Maya Matheis
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