Mother Daughter Bond in the Dance of Life

Nalini Rau

Collaborative Video

Music: Bibiana Huang Matheis, Original Piano Composition #8 (A Poem from my Father for my Mother)

Dancers: Dr. Nalini Rau and Maya Rau Murthy

Choreography: Nalini Rau and Maya Rau-Murthy

Expressive movement rooted in the techniques of Bharata Natyam

9:07 minutes

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Hudson Valley, New York


We interpret Bibiana Huang Matheis’s beautiful piano composition keeping in mind the muse for October : the mother-child. We use the motif of dance to visualize the bond in the dance of life: The constant is the love between the mother and child and their bond.


The mother cradles her child, rocks her, guides her first steps, plays with her, corrects her. They share everyday moments which weave their fabric of life: a dance class, showing the basic feet positions, planting a tree : the tree symbolizes a young life taking root and growing, marking the passage of time. The mother watches over her child carefully, picking her up when she falls, wiping her tears. The bond grows close, sharing moments together: a walk in the woods by the stream, watching a deer play, the bird sing and take wing, the flowers with bees buzzing. The mother and daughter have spats: and come back together in laughter, tears and friendship. Lost in their world of dance, they even forget about the lunch cooking on the stove. They laugh at themselves. The child grows and goes away to college, experiences the ups and downs of life. Her mother reminds her to find the strength within, find the dance within. She comes back and finds her mother teaching her class with love, but experiencing aches and pains of a body going older. She steps into teach : the circle is complete.

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