#9, Abundant Harvest, a sculpture by Lisa Breznak

Abundant Harvest

Lisa Breznak

Fired clay, acrylic paint, 22k gold leaf.

9.5 x 6.5 x 6 inches

$4,500 USD - INQUIRE

Peekskill, NY


Beyond the ubiquitous cultural imagery of a seasonally carved and lighted celebratory decorative object, my piece displays the natural beauty of the form and alludes the pumpkin's history in the Hudson Valley.


Indigenous to North America and used as a food source for thousands of years, the pumpkin has been instrumental in the survival of various groups and settlements. The amazing abundance of varieties and nutrition are for the most part unacknowledged, much less heralded.


Hand modeled, gestural portraits of pumpkins stacked in a tower with leaves and reaching tendrils, the intention, as with a lot of my work, is to animate and show the vitality and inner vibrancy of the plant world.


As a monument, my golden tower of pumpkins gives testimony to a humble vegetable that is taken for granted like so many other things in life.