#6, a painting by Eleanor Wong and a poem by Jennifer H. Pien


Eleanor Wong - Painting 
Jennifer H. Pien - Novel Excerpt


24 x 18 inches

Not for Sale

Menlo Park, California


My daughter Eleanor and I would like to extend our gratitude to Bibiana for allowing us to participate in this exhibition dedicated to Bibiana’s mother, Cecilia Huang. Cecilia and her younger sister, Shirley, my mother, have passed their love of artistry to successive generations. A gifted photographer/artist herself, Bibiana, her daughter Maya, and my daughter carry on this legacy of love.


Eleanor, age 10, has always enjoyed art, finding comfort in the process. This has been especially crucial recently as California survives historic wildfires, blackouts, and heat waves during a global pandemic. Unable to venture out and tethered to a single air purifier, she has passed the time drawing.


It is an honor to accompany one of Eleanor’s earlier paintings with these words of appreciation. Bearing witness to and celebrating the complexities of mother daughter relationships, coupled with the act of writing is near to my heart, just as my daughter is.