Hammond Museum November Virtual Exhibition


Curated by Bibiana Huang Matheis

November 7, 2020 - November 5, 2021

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Watch the virtual exhibition opening and artist reception recorded on November 7, 2020

November Muse image by Bibiana Huang Matheis

November Muse by Bibiana Huang Matheis


In Other Words by Frank Matheis Vol I, Issue 7

Sergey Rachmaninoff Preludes Op 23, No. 1 - Largo and No. 4 - Andante Cantabile, played by Margarita Nuller

No. 1 - Largo
No. 4 - Andante Cantabile

November Exhibition Artists

Leslie Hardie

Crystal Marshall

Amy R Farrell

Karen Fitzgerald

Brian Sheridan

Jackie Merritt

Leonie Castelino

Dustan Osborn

Michelle Cooke

Nancy Nikkal

Erla Thórarinsdottir

Shira Toren

Margarita Nuller

Tanya Kukucka

Mitch Lewis

Elaine Forrest

Yvette Cohen

Monique Allain

Bridget Pavalow

Khadija Zizi

Karen LaFleur

Nancy Tucker

Susan Miiller

Rosalind Schneider

Carol Oster

王梅  Mei Wang

Mimi Czajka Graminski

Inka Juslin

Script, a collage by Leslie Hardie
Heavenly Dew, a painting by Crystal Marshall
We Are The Light, a drawing by Amy R Farrell
When Light Is Playing, a painting by Karen Fitzgerald
Slow Dance, a painting by Brian Sheridan
The New Normal?, a painting by Jackie Merritt
The Empty City & Caged Bird, Digital Images on Kimono Silk by Leonie Castelino & Dustan Osborn
Catenary 8, an installation by Michelle Cooke
Mashup, a collage by Nancy Nikkal
Core et Pulm, a painting by Erla Thórarinsdottir
Bibi Buddha, a drawing by Erla Thórarinsdottir
Dot 10, a painting by Shira Toren
November 2020 muse by Bibiana Huang Matheis
The Messenger, a painting by Tanya Kukucka
One Eyed Jacks Two, a painting by Mitch Lewis
Red Bird, a pastel by Elaine Forrest
Falling into Myself, a painting by Tanya Kukucka
Slate, a painting by Shira Toren
I Have No Answer For What This Is #3, a painting by Yvette Cohen
November Muse Palette, a painting by Monique Allain
Magic, a digital drawing by Bridget Pavalow
I Love Lucy, a painting by Khadija Zizi
Weather Through, a video animation by Karen LaFleur accompanied by Waterslide, an original guitar composition by Nancy Tucker
Transcending Spirit, a painting by Susan Miiller
Palm Dance Aruba, a video by Rosalind Schneider
Incident Wall - Humpty Dumpty, an installation by Carol Oster
Invasion / 9M2, paintings by Mei Wang
A Tenderness, A Whisper, Petals for Pauline, a video by Mimi Czajka Graminski
Little Red / Little Girl, an installation by Carol Oster
Green Jewel, a painting by Inka Juslin
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