#22 I Love Lucy, a painting by Khadija Zizi

I Love Lucy

Khadija Zizi

Acrylics, Sand, Lace and Pearls on Linen Canvas

100 x 80 centimeters

Private Collection

Rabat, Morocco

I Love Lucy

My love story with Lucille Ball goes back to my years in the US. I watched Lucy every day. To me, she is a jester, prankster, and most of all, entertainer. I love her persona.

Lucy married a Cuban-born musician in the 50s and put diversity at the heart of the sitcom. She was independent, feisty, and implicitly fought for women’s rights. She conquered the world of comedy, which, at the time, was exclusive to men.

I relate to her courage and sometimes even her silliness. It was only natural that I would paint her portrait. For the background, I mixed turquoise blue acrylics with sand. Her shirt is made of pieces of fabric from a bridesmaid lace dress I had worn for my sister’s wedding four decades earlier. I delicately and meticulously pasted white pearls as an earring for her.

Lucy’s words: “I’m not funny. What I am is brave”, are still ringing in my ears.