#7 The Empty City & Caged Bird, Digital Images on Kimono Silk by Leonie Castelino & Dustan Osborn

The Empty City & Caged Bird

Leonie Castelino / Dustan Osborn


Silk Organza. Digital Images on Kimono Silk

Two Panels, Each: 90 x 40 inches

Not for Sale

Mahwah, New Jersey / Chehalis, Washington


With a sudden and unexpected assault on our health and security, a new viral scourge has descended upon us. Anxiety and fear weigh heavily and we stand numbed by uncertainty. In this collaborative diptych, 'The Empty City and the Caged Bird,’ Leonie Castelino, Contemporary Bojagi Fiber Artist, captures our experiences with Dustan Osborn’s photographs of iconic cities, empty and silent, devoid of the human face of culture. Confined and isolated, we gasp for breath as movements are restricted, freedoms usurped. Despair diminishes us. Economic survival, health and togetherness are lost in the fog of uncertainty. We ask, will our human spirit prevail, casting off this blanket of darkness, opening our lives to brightness, hope and the return of togetherness?