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Memorial to Sheilah Rechtschaffer

Kenneth Sean Golden's education and teaching were based in photography and alternative processes. The politics of representation became increasingly important to him and, with the advent and growth of technologies, he was creating portfolios of imagery based on and growing out of the body and a relationship to community.


In his final project, fingerprints reference the body, utilizing a personal mark as well as lending a universal reading. The layers of process map a path, exploring identity and its relationship to community. This portfolio allowed him to meditate on his identity in the context of the larger world [and other concerns}.

Kenneth Sean Golden's work was about the body. His concern was about community. He was investigating the pride of his and our identities. He took on the challenge to explore how we can have these identities and co-exist in a community.


As a gay man, he worked with images from many sources: ‘beefcake images’ and male nudes that explore a queer sensibility. Some of the images are vintage; others are from catalogues, newspaper circulars, cartoons, soap, food, and other packaging. Sometimes they are just fingerprints, patterns, and colors. Often there is a multiplicity of meanings.


The prints are Kenneth Sean Golden's own montages created by layering and adjusting the opacity of the different elements; often parts of an image morph into another. Masking is utilized to both reveal and hide processes contributing to his vision.

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link to Ken's Westbeth artist page

link to Ken's Gift Shop - You are invited to select several prints of Ken's artwork for free (excluding shipping costs). There are currently 600+ prints available!

memorial montage created by Douglass Ridgeway of RAW Design Lab

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