Khadija Zizi

Mixed Media on Canvas

60 x 80 centimeters


Rabat, Morocco

Khadija Zizi is a Moroccan artist. Her cross-cultural background, world travel, and love of music inspire her. Her approach is eclectic as she loves mixing acrylics with sand, fabrics, and yarn. She holds a Ph.D. in Education. She teaches English at ISIC, Rabat. 

In creating ‘Stay Home’, I finely tailored each letter with love, since they consist of “Sfifa” (woven yarn), fibers, and pieces of fabrics of my late mother. 

I delicately frogged these craft pieces from the traditional Moroccan Kaftans, as well as the cushion covers she had stitched them in.

I mixed acrylics, made collage, and then sewed the mask onto the A: A reminder to stay safe during the ongoing lockdown.