Color Field – catching color in the time of corona

Suzy Sureck

Projection/performance. Collaborative socially-distanced choreography shown in video format

Size: variable

Price upon request - INQUIRE

Gardiner, NY and New York City, NY

An invitation to move through color and light. I am thinking about what I reach for in dark times, where I find lightness and what forms this takes. I am thinking of ways of distanced connection and safe interaction.  An invitation were sent to neighbors inviting them to be mover/dancer or observer/audience in an impromptu event of collaborative socially distanced choreography on a warm evening in May.


With lightweight circular screens provided, people moved independently staying aware of space and distance. Projected imagery of overlapping text and jellyfish among the stars was visible when passed through, as easily caught as released.  

How do you catch color…..?

Slow, circular

Run, skip

Toss, catch


Wait for it

Jump, spin

Dip into image

Fully emerge

Hide, withdraw


These were prompts, movements were up to the mover.