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No Thinking Just Feeling, a painting by Osiris Munir

No Thinking Just Feeling

Osiris Munir

Oil and Sharpie Pen

8½ x 11 inches each

$750 USD for the set


Los Angeles, California




I could not figure out why I was in such a conflicted array of thoughts around my taking the Covid-19 shot. I agreed because my family asked me to but felt angry because I felt forced to do so. I don't believe in nor trust Western medicine. I have gone up against the Veterans Administration asking them to hold high regard for my lifestyle and have gotten my doctors there at the VA to support my continuing a natural lifestyle. I don't take any heavy medications and have lived largely organically for almost 45 years. As I became angrier, I picked up a sharpie pen and doodled.

Then the colors came out of my hands as I remembered seeing the Hammond Museum and Japanese Stroll Garden.


I don't think about painting. I felt like painting because it instantly helped me to feel better.

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