Emptiness is fullness - floating infinity

Mireya Samper

Video installation

90m2 (square meters) // 140 in2 (square inches)

Price on Request - INQUIRE

Kópavogur, Iceland

Video Installation - bronze aluminum video and music 90m2 music by Tomoo Nagai. Emptiness is Fullness is a type of a double video installation in a 90m2 room made in Japan in 2017. It is a video that is a 24 hour time-lapse composed in a natural space in Lithuania of a site-specific installation that has been trimmed down to 8 minutes — referring to infinity. The piece is then projected on a wall which is 4x6 meters. Between that wall and the projector is another installation made of bronze and aluminum as well as specially composed music piece by the musician Tomoo Nagai which infuses the room. Therefore the objects of the installation and their shadows along with the music play a role when the whole installation is then re-filmed creating the outcome of this 8:12 minute video.

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