13_Ketchman_15,000 Roses.jpg

15,000 Roses

Niki Ketchman

Steel rods, steel fencing, paint, dried roses dipped in Paverpol

8’6”h x 6’1”w x 4”4”d

$50,000 USD - INQUIRE

Westport, CT

The rose is a pervasive image in life, literature, visual art, songs and film. It can be associated with beauty, fragrance, pageantry, or formal occasions. It can signify everything from love to war, from romance to death, from celebration to mourning and therefore seems a perfect image to use when addressing the passing of life, the passing of time.

This sculpture is made with steel rods, steel fencing, and 15,000 roses that I have dried and dipped in Paverpol, a milk-like substance that dries as a clear plastic.  This sculpture, like many of my sculptures, is interactive in a non-traditional way. It can be walked into. The interior surface is composed of the jutting, thorny stems of the roses.  One entering it will likely feel a bit uneasy. The exterior is composed of the dried blossoms giving rise to thoughts about faded beauty or the end of life.