19_Luo Complex 03.jpg

系Ⅲ: Complex

羅嘉惠  Chia Hui Luo

Installation view

Mixed Media

1,000 cm x 280 cm x 200 cm

Accepts Commission Assignments

Artist Location: Taiwan

Artwork Location: Guangzhou, China


I am interested in the waste that people deemed disposable and then re-evaluated their practicality by assigning them a new identity and status based on their “visual” and “tactual”. The knots created by tying the fabrics together are an abstract way of representing the “relations” in a cause and effect manner. 系Ⅲ: Complex based on a famous classic Chinese novel, The Story of the Stone, when I participated in a residency in Guangzhou, China. The novel provides a detailed, episodic record of life in the two wealthy families. The story is mainly about the main character, a carefree adolescent male and was born with a magical piece of "jade" in his mouth. It also describes the romantic rivalry and friendship among the twelve female characters against the backdrop of the family's declining fortunes. Thus, I used twelve kinds of lace cloth and local jade stone for this work.