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Countries Represented: Argentina, Australia, Barbados, Brazil, Canada, China, Egypt, England, Faroe Islands, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, India, Israel, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Morocco, Russia, Scotland, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Syria, Taiwan, USA, Wales




Painting, Acrylic, Resin, Wire on Wood Panel, Canvas, Murals

Born in London, Aisla's artwork has been featured at National Trust Sites in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, Paris, London, Boston, San Francisco and New York City. Aisla was raised in the American Southwest, in a city with the natural border of the Rio Grande which has a varied and rich cultural history. Aisla has participated in individual and community mural projects throughout the United States. Her music, art and jewelry creations have been featured at the DeYoung, SF MOMA, and SOMArts Galleries, as well as public and private collections throughout the United States and Europe. Aisla's artistic creations illustrate the alchemy of science, engineering, nature, culture, language, music, literature and the expressive arts.

Websites: aislaartspan.org  


Alice Harrison

Mixed Media

Working in layers, technically, intellectually and spiritually I create images and sensations of movement, color, harmony and joy. Much of my work is inspired by the various materials I have collected, as well as by traditional materials in my studio.

My work encompasses a variety of mediums – oil, acrylic, water, prints, found papers and objects, image transfer and encaustic. In each artwork there may be one medium, two or many media combined in one piece. Inspiration comes from the inside – based on my personal distillation of the external world.

Website: alicenharrison.com

Instagram: alice_blum_harrison


Allan Cyprys

Collage, Drawing, Painting, Photography, Sculpture


The Asian culture has always fascinated me. My philosophy of “less is more”, has guided me in the kind of artwork that I create. In 2009, I received a NYS Council on the Arts grant from ArtsWestchester for my project, “Westchester’s Fantasy Landscape in the Year 2059”. The subject was my concerns of maintaining a balance between conservation and development that will sustain the county into the future.

I’m also intrigued with buildings that are created by combining traditional materials (metal, glass, stone, brick, etc.) with the new, (plants, recycled materials and lighting.) Wanting to capture some of these unique visual properties I began to alter and intensify the image’s color while using Photoshop. This enables me to use a more intense color palette. I work in an intuitive way. One step leads to another until the whole image comes into focus. I find the process magical.

Website: 14sculptors.org


Amy R Farrell

Printmaking / Mixed Media

My Art making is inspired by the breathtaking beauty of the natural world. The vistas, flora and fauna are frequent subjects of my prints and paintings. The challenge, complexity and hands on involvement of the creative process bring me comfort and joy. It is the deep respect I feel for our fragile environment that I wish to share and encourage in others.

Website: amyrfarrellart.com


Asra Rán Björt

Poet, Writer & Graphic Designer

Asra grew up in Iceland. She moved to Tokyo to study Japanese Literature and Art History where she currently works as a graphic designer with a Japanese company. Her independent work is writing, through which she aspires to explore and reevaluate human behavior, and the various vast surroundings around us.

Instagram: asraran



Barbara Masterson

Oil Paint on Canvas and Wolff Pencil on Illustration Board

Art is like a serum, transforming its audience for good or ill. As I paint, the play of light has taken my breath away.

Migrant workers came into view. They have transformed my vision.

Familiar shapes in fields and orchards, migrant workers toil in the Hudson Valley doing jobs most Americans won't, earning modest wages, sometimes risking deportation.

Hard at work, they summon our attention and invite us to come closer, to see their labor and their humanity.

Who are they? Can you see them?

It’s possible for society to confer invisibility on a group. It’s convenient; if the group is invisible, we relieve ourselves of concern about health care, working conditions, pesticides, housing, lack of ability to get their own food.

What is life like for them? What role do we play in keeping them unseen? My work can expand our perceptions of these workers. If only by their images in my paintings, the viewer will come to see these persons for the vital role they have in our lives.

Website: barbaramasterson.com


Bärbel Thiel

Drawing, Etching, Woodcut, Silkscreen, Spraying, Collage


Growing up in and with nature shaped me as a person and an artist. Nature gives me power and inspiration. I’ve always drawn as long as I can remember. I try to tell stories. My favorite subjects are animals, especially birds. My preferred techniques are drawing, etching, woodcut, spraying, and silkscreen. All of these techniques are also combined in my collages.

Instagram: baerbeltberlin

Basha Ruth Nelson

Sculpture, Mixed Media, Installations, Commissions


My work is intuitive. Whether sculpture, construction or installation, the hallmark is the creation of unity between form and space in which my pieces live. My sculptures, constructions in paper, stainless steel, aluminum, and copper, engage the viewer through surface and scale, looking at ordinary materials in a new way. Currently, I create interactive installations and performances as part of my ongoing Freedom Project.

I received my Master of Arts Degree from New York University (NYU). Public and private collections include: Riverfront Green Park, Peekskill, NY; Hammond Museum; Woodstock Artists Association and Museum; Brooklyn Art Library; US Embassy, Nassau, Bahamas; among others.

Website: basharuthnelson.com
Instagram: basharuthnelson


Beth Barry

 Acrylic Paints

When I first flew in an airplane, I was struck by the color and shapes created by the light from the sun. It influenced everything, infusing the palette of the landscape with what felt like a supernatural light. As the plane moved, the images moved too, bouncing and swaying in their own rhythmic way. This was exciting to me and has informed my artwork. Light, color, and movement are basic elements of my paintings. My work has also been influenced by the coastline of Massachusetts and the beauty of the beach. My paintings are places of happiness.

Website: bethbarry.com
Instagram: bethbarryartist


Beth Haber

Mixed Media, Assemblage on Mylar and Landscape Installations

Beth Haber-Al Nowak-The Ship.jpeg

I have a persistent interest in the co-tenancy of text and image in its multiple conveyances as scroll, book, screen or “reading” the natural world. As language itself migrates from the analog to the digital, I look to reconcile the earlier meanings with the present tense where attachment still signifies human connection and space remains open between imagination and description.

Website: bethhaber.com


Bibiana Huang Matheis 黄家璧

Artist. Curator. Photographer. Pianist.

Bibiana is a board member of the Hammond Museum and Japanese Stroll Garden. She is the originator and curator of the Virtual Exhibit and a frequent curator for the Hammond Museum. She has curated more than 60 major exhibitions over the last decade for art institutions and galleries in the Hudson Valley of New York. Her own work has been displayed in galleries in the US and Europe, including in permanent collections, such as in the National Museum of African American History and Culture – Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C. Her photography has been published in major magazines. Her current long-term project is the installation art “Heart@Heart” – Putting love in public spaces, by visualizing the international symbol for heart, using natural or recycled materials found in that locality. The symbolism of the Heart universally expresses love. The Heart is individually interpretative, but it cuts across all cultural, ethnic, religious and social separation. It is a symbol of love and unity. Her effort is to put love into everything she does, in every project, including the Virtual Exhibition of the Hammond.

Website: bibiphoto.com

Instagram: bibimimimondaymemo

Brian Sheridan

Acrylic, Charcoal, Clay, Digital, Found Objects, Graphite, Oil, Pastel, Photography,  Prints, Watercolor, Wood

Skeletal Impulse #1.jpg
Skeletal Impulse #2.jpg

I live and breath in a realm where the ephemeral dance with rigid bodies to the whim of chance, exposing conflicted harmonies and circumstance.

Website: briansheridan.com

Instagram: brian_sheridan


Bridget Pavalow

Digital Artwork

Bridget Pavalow is a Fashion Institute of Technology Alum with five years of freelancing. Past projects include being a character designer for a comic and a caricature artist for various clients. Her work explores diverse characters in fantastical worlds.

Website: bridgetpavalow.com


Byron Keith Byrd



My inspiration is derived from numerology, archaic symbols, and rhythmic, primitive petroglyphs. While I may be considered an abstract expressionist, my goal is to create work that transpires any given time-frame.
Some of my canvases may conjure elements of prehistoric cave markings while others hopefully transport ones thoughts or emotions into a world yet comprehended.

Website: ByronKeithByrd.com



Carla Goldberg

Mixed Media Artist and Independent Curator

Carla Goldberg is from Palm Springs, California but has made the Hudson Valley her home since the early 90’s. She is a mixed media artist and independent curator, past Director of Beacon Artist Union and Skylight Gallery NYC in Chelsea. She has curated exhibitions in NY, CA, Sweden, South Africa and Germany. Her most recent curation in Berlin, Germany in June of 2018 garnered positive reviews by Barbara Hopp of Feuilletonscouts and pick of the week in Art Life Berlin. Carla has shown her artworks in over 300 solo and group exhibitions nationally and internationally in museums, universities and galleries. Her sculptural paintings and drawings bring to mind dreamy memories of water in moments of movement. She is the winner of the 2014 Connecticut “SeaGrant”, a partnership between the University of Connecticut and the nation’s primary ocean agency, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) for her Sea Foam Sculptural drawings.

Website: carlagoldberg.com


Carla Rae Johnson

Sculpture, Drawing, Performance, Installation, and Conceptual Art

Carla Rae Johnson image.jpg

My work is directly connected to ideas and often addresses issues of social, political, and cultural import.  A 2017 NYSCA/NYFA Artist Fellow in Drawing, a 2005 New York Foundation for the Arts Fellow in Sculpture, and a 1990 recipient of a Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant, I have exhibited in museums and galleries locally, nationally, and in New York City.

Website: carlaraejohnson.org


Carol Oster

Sculpture/Installation, Mixed Media, Archived Materials


This body of work explores the notions of permanence/impermanence, materials/memories, and deterioration/resurrection. The materials used are excavated from the artists’ cupboards, threads from a child's blanket, toys, photos, rubbings, charred 4th of July sparklers, letters sent from a war. These are the physical vestiges gleaned to be reimagined in sculptural form referencing the artist as a child growing up with a prisoner of war. Growing up in a railroad apt where one room was a pathway to another room, finding a private place was a challenge. Every loose floorboard and tile a hidden space to harbor scribbled secrets and drawings. Knowing that they existed where others walked unaware of their existence, bestowed a power in a child’s world where there is none. Hiding objects in plaster, wood or twine remains a way to commit an act of creation as well as sharing the discovery.

Website: caroloster.com

Instagram: carol.oster.nyc


Carol Radsprecher

Digital Prints Drawn and Colored in Photoshop. Oil on Canvas

Carol Radsprecher Whirligig.jpg
Carol Radsprecher Kind of Scary.jpg

Carol Radsprecher’s images combine figurative and abstract elements. She earned her MFA in painting from Hunter College, CUNY (1988) and her BFA in painting from Hunter (1985). A longtime painter, she discovered the wonders of digital image-making and found that media well-suited to her need to make a succession of rapidly-evolving narrative images based on distorted representations of the human body, especially the female body. Her work has appeared in several solo shows and numerous group shows, and has been published in print and/or online publications.

Website: carolradsprecher.com 

Instagram: cradsprecher


Carole Bonicelli

Paint, Pastels, Clay and Glass

Carole Bonicelli image.jpg

There’s no one material that is specific to the imagination and I am an artist who is inspired by different media. I love to push the boundaries between paint, pastels, clay and glass. However varied my tools, my art is conceptually unified in exploring the bond between the spiritual and the material life that I find in nature and in human culture. I have found inspiration in the ordinary and the extraordinary and have been the recording artist on scientific expeditions around the world. Examples of my work can be found on my website.

Website: carolebonicelli.com


Carolyn Oberst

Oil on Canvas and Paper, Watercolor on Paper

Carolyn Oberst _Spring Can Really  Hang

I am an interdisciplinary artist working with various media, currently concentrating on the directness of oil paint on canvas. No matter what the medium, my image making always begins with drawings that are modified and changed as the work evolves.

My latest inspirations come from our contemporary culture. Figures play with how profile, contour, posture, and gesture have the ability to communicate traits about anonymous subjects. Combining them with shapes set in and through abstracted spaces creates a way of visualizing the internal impulses of the mind. While suggestive, these are not narratives, allowing viewers to make their own connections.

Website: carolynoberst.comcarolynoberst.tumblr.com

Instagram: oberst.carolyn


Catherine Vanaria

Analog and Digital Photography


Catherine Vanaria is a photographer, master darkroom technician, and educator. Her work is included in many private collections and numerous group shows throughout the northeast United States including the Aldrich Museum (Ridgefield, CT). Her photographs have been published in XTC: Song Stories (Hyperion, 1998), Exposure: Special Edition, extended booklet accompanying Robert Fripp's re-release (Discipline, 2006), Smithsonian Rock and Roll: Live and Unseen (Smithsonian Books, 2017) and This is Pop, a documentary on the band XTC (2017).

Catherine is Chair of the Department of Art and Associate Professor of Photography at Western Connecticut State University in Danbury, CT.

Website: cavanaria.com

Instagram: catherinevanaria


Cathey Billian

Etched Photography on Metal and Installation Sculpture

Cathey Billian’s current artistic practice is etched photographics on metal, and environmental installations. Commissions/installations include Future Antiquities -the Whitney Museum Sculpture Court-NYC, YIELD -Yellowstone National Park, & BiPlanar Arrival , -for a Phoenix airport.

Collections owning her work include the Smithsonian, the Library of Congress, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the National Park Service, and the collection of Vice-President Al Gore. Awards include a National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship, & residencies/awards 6 from the National Park Service, the New York/NJ Port Authority, the Experimental Glass Workshop, NY, & 4 NY State Council on the Arts Project grants.  She is a recently retired full Professor from Pratt Institute, where she earned her Masters with highest honors.

Website: Billianstudio.com


Ceci Cole McInturff

Sculpture, Hand-Formed Paper, Book Objects


Ceci Cole McInturff works in sculpture, hand-formed paper, narrative installation, and book objects. Drawn to a wabi sabi-like, less-impacted beauty, she often nontraditionally combines plant and animal material to achieve an intimate, hand-formed quality and honor the wisdom and cyclical lessons of nature.

Founder of former 87FLORIDA non-profit exhibit and performance space and current studio member of the Otis Street Arts Project, both in Washington DC. MFA in Art and Visual Technology from George Mason University; completed two years of MA/Art and the Book at Corcoran College of Art+Design; former executive with the CBS Television Network; mother of two sons.

Website: 87-FLORIDA.clickbooq.com

Instagram: artistcecicolemcinturff

YouTube: Healing, Wabi SabiAscentEpitome


Charles Daviet


Photography is always all about the light. That magical, moody, mysterious thing that scientists still have trouble explaining. I see my work as a connection to others, a gift that teaches the pleasures of patience, of lingering in the present moments, nourishing all the senses. My art has been shown at the Hammond Museum, the Art Gallery at the Rockefeller State Park, the Gallery in the Park in Pound Ridge Reservation, the Exposures Gallery in Sugar Loaf Village, the Northern Westchester Hospital, Westchester Medical Center, the Rotunda in New Rochelle City Hall, and Sotheby’s in Montclair, NJ, among others.



Chia-Hui Luo  羅嘉惠

Mixed Media

Born in Taiwan. My art was inspired by Antoni Tàpies and Jean Dubuffe's focus on process and materials. I am fascinated by the way the plaster, cloth and all these rough materials can become mix media art. In my art works I try to present specific things in life by past memories – to reflect inner self naturally. In the transformation of natural materials, I reveal my angle to reality. Therefore, my art works have not only subject but also object and it is not just an abstract expression, not only focus on its purely visual aspects but its narrative content or its relationship to the world. My art works usually appeared a memory with a beauty of sediment and flake and I think it is a beauty that covers generations with nature, genuine and unpretentious.

Website: luochiahui.wix.com

YouTube: 系Ⅲ 20190619—情(Complex)


Chris Farrell

Musician, Composer

Chris Farrell is a composer and performer of contemporary spirituals and meditative piano music. He believes mindful music has healing qualities that are beneficial for both listeners and performers alike. Mindful, intentional music restores and energizes our natural tendency to move toward a state of harmony and balance.

Website: soundsofpeace.com


Christina Saj

Painting: Acrylic, Oil, Egg Tempera and Mixed Media, Installation

My paintings betray a fascination with geometric abstraction, a preference for modernism and an awareness of historical context. There is no doubt that my rich cultural background has broadened my perspective and every generation searches for its own vocabulary. I feel that one must assimilate knowledge of the past in order to elucidate the present. It is my aim to create a synthesis of familiar images and meaningful symbols in order to develop a new ideal and a recognizable aesthetic that can resonate with the viewer, delight and inspire.

Website: christinasaj.com 

Instagram: christinasaj


Chuck von Schmidt

Sculpture, Printmaking

I have degrees from Cooper Union and, Brooklyn College, and, was on faculty of both institutions. Earlier, I was an assistant to a student of a student of Rodin. I have been visiting lecturer at RISD, and recently, an Adjunct at NJCU.
I am included in the Brooklyn College Art Department Print Portfolio, which is in the permanent collections of the Brooklyn Museum and the Neuberger Museum. In January 2005, I was honored to personally present a sculpture, which had been commissioned by Pave The Way Foundation as a presentation gift to Pope John Paul II.  
A 1968 sculpture commissioned by actor Murphy Dunne was used in the Haskell Wexsler film “Medium Cool”. I have shown at the Anchorage Museum of Art; AnnMarie Sculpture Garden (a Smithsonian affiliate); Athens Institute for Contemporary Art; the Nassau County Museum of Art; the Islip Museum of Art and the Hammond Museum (permanent collection).
Homage to other artists is a recurring theme of mine.

Website: chuckvonschmidt.com


Clara Joris



Born in Málaga, Spain. 
She earned her degree in Fine Arts from the Complutense University of Madrid, Spain. 
Since 1998 she has resided in Berlin, Germany 

Starting from an acrylic base, Joris uses a figurative and poetic language; sometimes threads cross or embroider the surface of the painting. She works on different supports such as wood, linen or Japanese paper. Each created image represents a new world, that before it was conceived existed only as a soft shadow of blurred contours, like the impression of a déjà vu. 

Website: clarajoris.com

Instagram: clarajoris


Connie Freid



I am a storyteller.  My paintings are usually based on images from the news, magazines or photos that I take. Something about the image catches my eye - a gaze, pose, setting.  Often, it's just watching someone interacting with another person or their surroundings.  Although many of my subjects are strangers, my paintings become psychological studies, pushing the boundaries beyond traditional portraiture.
The intimacy and humanism of studies of ordinary people by Goya and Rembrandt inspire me. In my own work, I often paint isolated figures with a haunting gaze, suggesting the current of anxiety that exists in today's world.
My moody and mysterious portraits evince strength, vulnerability and emotion while questioning popular ideas about gender, race and beauty.

Website: conniefreid.com


Crystal Marshall

Oil on Paper, Mixed Media on Paper. Oil on Steel & Digital Photography/Photography


My work explores the use of narrative to evoke emotional connections that reference all aspects of life. Through symbolism and allegory I refer to what lies beneath the surface. Through the use of varying imagery of my choosing, it allows me to explore imaginative realms that defy logic but are directly influenced by life's experiences. I also investigate different themes that affect people from all walks of life, concerning life's trials and tribulations, which include hostility, victimization, exclusion, oppression and withdrawal, all of which I believe ties into spirituality.

Website: crystalamarshall.com  

Instagram: crysart1983

In Other Words essay: The Emancipatory Dreamscapes of Crystal Marshall



Daniel Kabakoff



Currently, I am painting at home. I have exhibited at various venues in Westchester County including the Woman Clubs of White Plains and Dobbs Ferry. I also have been accepted to many juried exhibits. I am currently a member of the New Rochelle Artist Association and have exhibited with them this past year.

I illustrated two books with a friend Alizah Teitelbaum who wrote the stories. The books are now on Amazon and Amazon Kindle as paperbacks and digital downloads. The titles of the two books are “The Taming of Wolf" and “The Cosmos Song!”.

Instagram: dankab777


David Skora

Sculpture, Painting, Graphic Design


I grew up in South Western Michigan on the shores of Lake Michigan where I was influenced by the woods, the fields and the beauty of Lake Michigan. Growing up in that environment, shaped the way I perceived the world and allowed me to develop my interest in art and creativity. I received a Masters of Fine Arts degree from the School of Visual Arts in 1989. In 1991 I accepted a teaching position at the University of New Haven and taught there while I pursued my fine art career. By the late 1990's I took it upon myself to learn how to weld. Once I accomplished that, I began to make large metal fabricated sculptures. Currently, I continue to teach as a full-time Professor of Graphic Design at Western Connecticut State University and I paint, sculpt, and design. I live with my family in Litchfield county in the beautiful Northwest Hills of Connecticut. My artwork has been shown extensively and can be found in many public and private collections throughout the United States.

Website: davidskora.com


Douglas Newton

Oil on Canvas

I work mostly in contemporary still life, painting in oil paint on canvas. I like to explore light on everything from household objects to food, candy, toys or anything else that visually intrigues me. I paint directly from life, not using photographs. The main subject is light itself, as it reveals texture, structure, translucency and color. Subjects include glass, marble, feathers, ribbons and tissue paper, all ways to explore the effects of light on the things around us.

Website: douglasnewtonpaintings.comtablarasagallery.com1stdibs.com

Instagram: dnewton456


Douglass Ridgeway

Web Developer, Graphic Designer, Photographer, Writer

Each month Douglass creates the video montage for the Hammond's virtual exhibitions. He is also the technical guru/mastermind controlling all the behind the scenes telecommunications that make the live monthly artists' receptions possible. He is thrilled to be Hammond Museum's webmaster and to sponsor the Artist's Directory page. Douglass is an avid photographer and sometimes poet.

Douglass Ridgeway is the head of the web design firm, RAW Design Lab. He has more than 15 years of web and graphic design experience. Douglass has a master's degree in communication design from Pratt Institute, NYC.​

Website: rawdesignlab.com

Instagram: douglassridgeway

Bēhance: DouglassRidgeway


Dustan Osborn


Dustan Osborn self portrait.jpg
Dustan image 1.jpg
Dustan image 2.jpg
Dustan image 3.jpg

As a practicing medical oncologist, an ongoing challenge is to make patients feel more comfortable in an environment that is often intimidating.  Fear, uncertainty and a sense of loss of control of one’s life are universal for someone dealing with cancer.  Attempting to create a more humane environment, I use photographs displayed in the clinic and hospital where I practice to engage both patient and family in a way to put them at ease, to be more comfortable opening up about any number to topics, and to soften the anxiety of the white coat syndrome.  A combination of images of people, places and things are used to engage the viewer.  If someone looks at a picture for more than seven seconds, probably it is a success.  How many times have you watched viewers in a museum barely break stride?  To actually stop and look says something.  For me, compelling reasons to look include mystery, irony and simplicity.  There is so much around us that can be enjoyed by engaging the mind as well as the eye: a child at play, a broken cup, shadows on grape leaves, a precarious stack of old books.  I try to portray the familiar with enough nuisance and subtlety that the viewer stops, looks, thinks of something of their past or says, “yes, life is worth living.” 

Instagram: dustanosborn

Flickr: Dustan Osborn



Eileen Hoffman

Sculpture, Installation, Mixed Media, Textiles


Eileen Hoffman is a textile sculptor and installation artist whose use of non-traditional materials acts as a bridge between past traditions and contemporary approaches. Her art involves making the undervalued and unseen culture of women's work visible. 

Her work has been exhibited in numerous solo and group shows throughout the United States and internationally including the Denise Bibro Gallery, The Morris Museum, the Noyes Museum, and the Bishkek Collection, Russia. Her outdoor installations include the Connective Project Installation, Art In Odd Places and Prayers for the Pandemic; Prayers for Progress. Her work is also featured in Surface Design Journal’s annual International Exhibition in Print, 2018, UPPERCASE Magazine, and numerous blogs. Hoffman currently lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.

Website: eileenhoffman.com

Instagram: eileen.hoffman


Eileen Weitzman

Sculpture, Works on Paper, Painting

I create sculptures, stitched paintings and drawings which are abstract and figurative, engineered and organic, while exploring contemporary issues of global concern with a smattering of psychological insight. The serious issues they tackle such as feminism, racism, and capitalism are humorously contrasted with fabric and paint made of lively colors, patterns and textures. Recently I find myself making my sculptural pieces flatter and my flat pieces more sculptural. Open and dynamic, hanging from the ceiling and walls, in addition to occupying the floor, my animated pieces uses their strong bodily references to assert their presence and power in this world.

Website: eileenweitzman.com  

Instagram: eileenweitzmanartist


Elaine Forrest

Oil, Acrylic, Watercolor, Oil Pastel, Collage

Having lived in California for many years I bring to my work the bright light and luminous colors of the California sun. Everyday objects and materials that have had another life inspire me. I am influenced by what I see and use every day.

I received a BFA from Boston University and a degree in Medical Illustration from Harvard Medical School.

While living in California I was active in the Los Angeles County Art Rental Gallery, exhibited often and was active with the Venice Family Clinic. I now reside and have my studio in the Financial District of Manhattan. I am a member of the NohoM55 Gallery and the New York Artists Circle.

Websites: elaineforrest.net, nohogallery, nyartistscircle.com

Instagram: elaineforrest100


Eleanor Goldstein

Watercolor, Pastel, Oil, Monoprints, Solar Etching, Mixed Media, Sculpture 

My work encompasses an enormous range of subjects drawn from striking industrial landscapes and transcendent forms of nature. I am interested in the cyclical relationship of decay and rejuvenation in all my surroundings.

My current series, Requiem/Night Shadows, stems from my recent travels to Greenland. The works have an elegiac quality which evokes the tragic loss of these icescapes due to climate change.

Eleanor Goldstein is a member of the National Association of Women Artists, the Upstream Gallery in Hastings, NY, a Signature Member of the Pastel Society of America, and a member of the New York Artists Circle.

Website: eleanorgoldsteinart.com

Instagram: eleanorgoldsteinart


Eleanor Wong

Ink & Watercolor

Eleanor Wong is an aspiring artist who enjoys drawing and painting nature.


Elisa Pritzker

2D, 3D, Installations

Artist’s Portrait by Warren Cosgrove.

Elisa Pritzker exhibited at MoMA, Queens Museum, Dorsky Museum, Skirball Museum, Espronceda Barcelona, K-Salon Berlin, in large and small group exhibits.

Among solo exhibits, her art was shown at HVMOCA [formerly HVCCA Museum], Hammond Museum, Saletta Kinzica Art Gallery-Italy, Casa Argentina-Jerusalem, Galeria ArtexArte/Luz & Alfonso Castillo Foundation, Buenos Aires.

Her art is in permanent collections including Jean Cherqui Art Collection, Paris, France/New York; Brooklyn Art Library; Dorsky Museum; Hammond Museum; Jerusalem Biennale; Iceland Art Biennale.

Pritzker was featured at PBS Channel, CNN-in Spanish, Huffpost [Huffington Post], Chronogram Magazine, Hyperallergic and her "Eclectica Store" was showcased in the New York Times.

Website: elisapritzker.com

Instagram: elisapritzker

In Other Words essay: The Mysterious Metaphysical Art of Elisa Pritzker


Elizabeth Bryan-Jacobs

Oils, Watercolor, Mixed Media including Collage, Found Wood, Cast Bronze

Elizabeth Bryan-Jacobs - Omphalus.jpg
Elizabeth Bryan-Jacobs - Shelter in Plac

“Nature always wears the color of the spirit.”– Ralph Waldo Emerson

The abiding interplay of nature and the human body informs my art. Tree limbs appear as arms and legs; the internal workings of the body fuse with the terrain in a continual flow of imagery. Negative space offers guidance while all of life’s colors, contours and transitions become interchangeable with my own. 

Website: ElizabethBryanJacobs.com 


Elizabeth Hasegawa Agresta

Acrylics and Oils

Elizabeth is a third generation artist whose family history includes award-winning kimono design, Japanese ceramics, classic wooden yacht design, culinary arts, photography, painting, writing, and poetry.

Elizabeth paints landscapes in her studio and en plein air. Studies made outdoors inform subtle departures from reality in her studio work. With a dichotomous take on landscapes, the soothing powers of nature are expressed with smooth, flowing strokes of the brush. Cityscapes, in conveying the sensations of urban grit, noise, smells and energy, are painted into solvent-damaged, dripped, sprayed and slashed substrates. Two types of landscape; two types of treatment. 

Website: agresta.us 

Instagram: agresta.us


Ellen Pliskin


Ellen Pliskin’s landscapes reflect the luminous colors in land and sky, dramatizing their appearance by simplifying forms and emphasizing the relationship between light and shadow. As part of the United States Department of State’s “Art In Embassies Program”, her works have been exhibited in six United States Embassies. Her works are currently on view at the United States Embassy in Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei and Ouagadougou, Burkino-Faso. Her paintings are in the collections of Pfizer, The Federal Reserve Board, The University of New Mexico, The United States Department of State and the 9/11 Memorial Museum.

Instagram: ellenpliskin


Erla Thórarinsdottir

Painting, Oil Colors, Oxidations, Photography