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Tight Lipped, a painting by Osiris Munir

Tight Lipped

Osiris Munir

Oil, Pencil and Ink Pen

11 x 14 inches


Los Angeles, California


My piece called, Tight Lipped, represents all the unheard voices that have been shut down, shut off and unvalidated. Blue is a color that I use to temper the spirit and to soften the harshness that life can put us through and the inner peace of surrendering. The circles and loops are life’s cycles and what they mean. The white and its shadows are bits and pieces of ominous thought. The fear that the lack of enriching, balanced and wholesome female energy will become lost amongst assertiveness and the aggressiveness of the whole. The ink and pencil show details of what may come and the birthing of a new wave of thought for humanity. Tight Lipped, is the forever curse of being a female in a society where men have been taught throughout history and from generation to generation, that the voices of women don’t matter. We talk too much. What do we know? You know everything because you’re always running your mouth are the phrases heard repetitively all around the world about women. Tight Lipped, also represents the secrets that we all hold inside and keep to ourselves. You can always trust someone with a tight lip not to take your business to the street and to hold onto personal information about ourselves and others. My wisp and quick strokes represent the gift of the spirit and its invisible wings that allow us the freedom to let go and to trust. 

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