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artwork by Laura Cannamela

Wakana: Jo (Spring Shoots: Part One) from the Tale of Genji series

special handmade papers

Laura Cannamela

Laura Cannamela:
A Thousand Layers

Hays Gallery

Exhibition: April 1-May 20, 2023

Reception: Saturday, April 1 (Opening Day)


Laura Cannamela's cut paper relief forms are created with many layers of paper and, also, many layers of meaning. Informed by many sources, including the Genji Monogatari, topographic maps, waterfalls, Persian Miniatures, Tibetan thangkas, and Jūnihitoe kimonos, these intimately sized works reflect their literary, historical, and natural references.

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white tornado pot with iron

white tornado pot with iron, 2022

H. 5.5 x W. 4.75 in.

Helen Kunzman

The Elemental Clay
Ceramics by Helen Kunzman

Goelet Gallery

Exhibition: April 1-May 20, 2023

Reception: Saturday, April 1 (Opening Day)


The Elemental Clay "On the potter’s wheel I feel harmony with the universe. Throwing clay on the wheel is an intuitive and spontaneous process. Transformation can happen when you push to unexpected places. And if the clay can survive the transformation - then the alchemy can happen…"

 -Helen Kunzman

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3 Irises & Bud

Three Irises and a Bud (with calligraphy by Bao Shen Liu)

ink and color on paper

Susan Lanzano

Brush With Nature:
Asian Brush Artists Guild

Guild Hall

Exhibition: April 1-May 6, 2023

Reception: Saturday, April 1 (Opening Day)


This annual exhibition of paintings by ABAG members presents landscapes and bird-and-flower paintings based on and inspired by traditional Chinese techniques and materials.

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Recycled Paper


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