September 18th to November 12th, 2016

Colliding Worlds

3 D Installation by Anonda Bell 

Hays Gallery


“This is exhibition is titled Colliding Worlds as I am exploring the intersections between constructed and natural environments.  


The exhibition is comprised of only two works, each a large wall based work created from hand cut paper.  One is titled “Extinct: Botanicus” and is the complete work.  The other piece, a nine foot wide paper spider is from a larger series on the theme of biophobia. 

“Arachnophobia” is from the series “Biophobia”, and is titled after the very common fear of spiders.  “Biophobia” is defined as a sense of dis-ease in nature, and a derisive regard for climates and environments which are not man made or at least modified significantly by people.”

- Anonda Bell


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