A Pursuit of Perspective

Exhibition -  September 20th - November 11th,  2017


Guild Hall Gallery


A Celebration of the Hammond Museum's 5oth Anniversary of the Moon Viewing Tradition, curated by Bibiana Huang Mathesis in the Guild Hall Gallery.


The Artists:  Carla Goldberg, Chuck von Schmidt, Eda, Eleni Smolen, Elizabeth MacDonald, Harry White, Illse Schreiber-Noll, Karen Fitzgerald, Leslie Pelino, Lisa Breznak, Lori Robeau, Mimi Czajjka Graminski and Pam Smilow.


The Hammond Museum and Japanese Stroll Garden celebrates its 50th anniversary of The Annual Moon Viewing Concert  at the Hammond Museum (August 20th, 2016).


This well known tradition was started by the Museum's founder Natalie Hays Hammond in 1966. The elegant custom of eating, drinking, listening to music, and writing poetry while watching the moon, was practiced devotedly since the Tang Dynasty in China (618-906) and was continued in Japan during the middle of the Hein period (794-1192).

To commemorate this event, the Hammond Museum had asked Bibiana Huang Matheis to curate an art exhibit “Behold the Moon” as a modern art exhibit to honor an ancient tradition. Matheis had invited 13 well established artists from the Hudson Valley, Connecticut, Long Island and NY City to participate in this multimedia art show, including 8 site-specific installations.


The resulting art exhibit is a seamless flow of contemporary, contemplative visual poetry beholding the moon as a celebration from June 8th, to September 17th, 2016.






Goelet Gallery


Ariel Edwards

The Sea Witch's Garden

My most recent series, The Sea Witch’s Garden, is a ceramic exploration of my favorite thing: the mysterious depths of marine landscapes that hide never-before-seen creatures with something sinister lurking in every corner.


Inspired by a darkly illustrated version of the classic tale, The Little Mermaid, by Hans Christian Anderson my work weaves together the allure of mariner’s myths and the menacing elements of human nature. Each piece is a tableau of the sea witch’s treasures composed of carefully organized debris from the world above; sailor’s bleached bones, fantastical coral, and mysterious marine wildlife become a portrait of the enigmatic witch.


My ceramic work is an exploration of evolution from the clever ways species have disguised themselves against predators to advantages in size, shape and color that provoke wonder. I create scales, shells and tentacles that are as unlikely as they are beautiful.


Hammond Museum & Japanese Stroll Garden

28 Deveau Road, North Salem, NY 10560



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